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Episode 50: The World of Sex Work w/Madame Margherite

Honestly Speaking

The Rocket Review with Madame Margherite and Tyger Yoshi

Madame Margherite on The Naked Truth with Alexander Rodriguez talking about JustFor.Fans

“Best Animal Activist” Award Goes to Dr. Susan Block

DomCon 2020 Virtual Animal Play Awards

The Buzz FFF interviews Madame Margherite

DomCon Virtual Animal Play Awards 2020

Join Me for the DomCon Virtual Animal Play Awards! Happening Saturday, August 29th at 1pm-2pm (PST) Animal & Pet Players with webcams/photos are welcome to participate. Plus community awards for Our Peeps!

Visit for memberships & DomCon Virtual tickets.

Click here to listen to the full show and read Dr. Suzy’s write up about it
Watch Here

Artist, Selma Gültoprak, Presents Live Sculpture Featuring Madame Margherite’s infamous words “Don’t Apologize, correct your behavior”

Madame Margherite, Fetisch Specialist and Animal Play Monarch..., saying, 2019

Listen here to this great interview with Marabelle Blue

“This interview was by far the best one yet. You get Me talking about important things” –Madame Margherite

Madame Margherite on Love Her Podcast.

DomCon LA 2020 Presents
Animal International, a Title for Pet & Animal Players

Register as a Contestant or Judge here.

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DomConNOLA Board 2018

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Leopard & Bonobo 1


Phoenix Wings Spead



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