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Animal Play: The art of transforming a Person from Human to Beast in an attempt to bring out the glorious inner creatures of our character, free of social etiquette and unnatural courtesies…”

–Madame Margherite

I take my role as a Dominatrix very seriously and I expect all my Pets and Subs to be Elite. I work very hard at creating a safe, healthy & comfortable environment where people are free to explore their imaginations and personalities in both my professional life and my personal life. I hold the people in my company to the highest of standards; Respect, Loyalty & Discipline are mandatory when serving me.

I’m an expert in many activities & fetishes, but Animal Play is my speciality. I am a master at identifying a person’s inner beast and bringing it to life. Some are shy docile Pets such as Ferrets and Possums while others are wild hyper creatures like Lions and Monkeys. All of them are glorious, and that’s what I aim to bring out. While Animal Play is my favorite, there’s a long list of activities I enjoy; here are some of the ones I appreciate the most…

My Interests

Role Play • Electro Play • Crossdressing • Chastity • Etiquette Training • Sensual Domination • Sploshing • Sensory Deprivation & Stimulation • Pain Tolerance Training • Attitude Adjustments • Bondage • Flogging • Caning • Cropping • Sounding • Body Worship • Tickle Torture • Wax Play • Erotic Games • Latex • Nylons • Shoe & Foot Worship • Furries • Adult Baby • Cosplay • Help Out of the Closet • Guided Play • All Genders Welcome and so are Couples

I host all my Scenes Independently at a well known & Reputable Dungeon here in Los Angeles, Sanctuary Studios near LAX.


It’s a very large space with a variety of  fully equipped themed rooms to choose from. I use all of my own tools and supplies and no one uses my tools and supplies except me. I do not work for Sanctuary Studios so you cannot book an appointment with me through them, however you are welcome to verify me through them.

The space is rented so a deposit is required for all reservations; no exceptions. You do not have a reservation unless your deposit is made and we have agreed on a date & time. Your deposit will either serve as a Consultation Fee or a Cancelation Fee in the unlikely event you miss your reservation. Furthermore, all reservation requests must be made 24 hours prior to the desired date, except for Fridays and Saturdays on which days your requests will not be seen or answered.

To make a reservation with me you must first and foremost be an adult, that means at very least 18 years of age or older, with proof of age if questioned. You must be of sound mind and body which means not only calm but also sober. If you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs to any degree you cannot consent to a transaction in which case your reservation will be terminated.

Hard Limits

I do not, under any circumstances, offer the following: Strap On • Scat • Watersports • Cuckold • Photos • Videos • Prostitution • Escorting • Smoking • Spitting • Vomiting • Blood Play • Breath Play • Non Consent of Any Kind including 3rd Parties • Bestiality • Sex Acts • or anything you can think of that may be illegal or bring harm to anyone or thing. It is your responsibility to be aware of the local laws and be willing to abide by them.

Tuesday through Thursday, from Noon until 6pm (5pm being the cut off for start time) I am available by Appointment Only.

Sunday from 11am- 7pm & Monday 11am- 9pm I am available to Walk In clients at Sanctuary Studios LAX as well as by Appointment

View my Schedule and rates here.

To secure your reservation to Serve me, please fill out my Contact form or visit my Services page.

Thank you.

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