Eight Part Animal & Pet Play Transformation Workshop

By Madame Margherite

Things like economic stability, social etiquette, and domestic responsibilities can make life seem incredibly overwhelming, and all for things that aren’t always that important anyway. People like you and I, with vibrant imaginations, deserve the experience of exploring our minds to create worlds and scenes which allow us to enhance our lives and better escape monotony. With Animal Play we can do just that. By tapping into the Animal that lay dormant within you, you’re allowing yourself permission to shed almost all social expectations and just be yourself, without judgement or drawbacks.

I can identify the Animal which best defines you, and use the instinctual characteristics you possess to improve almost all the elements of your life. As your Trainer and Care Taker, I’ll guide you through the process of transforming from the simple, overwhelmed Person that you are to the glorious Creature you can be. To maximize your potential, I’ve outlined 8 critical experiences every Animal Player should have, and made a 60 minute workshop for each one.

Part 1- Identifying which Animal you are and breaking into headspace

While most folks limit themselves to Pets & Animals like Cats, Dogs, Ponies & Piggies, there are over 8 million species to explore, all with unique characteristics and advantages. With just a few questions I can examine who you are as a person and explore the Animal that you best identify with. From there, we can set up your world and dive in.

Part 2- Accepting your new life

Now that you’ve been introduced to this new world and state of mind you didn’t know exists, it’s time to accept it as your new life. Even when you are not in Pet-Space, the characteristics you explore while being an Animal will teach you things that you’ll apply to everyday life. Being open & accepting of these subtle but significant changes will drastically promote this process and allow you to maximize your benefits & experience.

Part 3- Vet Examination & Health Reconstruction

Regardless of what kind of Animal you are, whether you’re wild or domesticated, until you’re ready to be permanently situated, you’ll be my Pet. As my Pet, it’s important that you be healthy as well as happy. At this point, I’ll give you a thorough examination and design a reconstructive regimen to make sure your health & well being is always in tact. We’ll focus on your claws, fur, skin, teeth and of course diet.

Part 4- Bath Time & Grooming

Hygiene and aesthetics vary depending on the species and type of Pet that you are and so this part will be a most unique experience for everyone. Hippopotami use mud to exfoliate their skin and maintain a cool temperature while Ducks use oil to stay dry and buoyant. No matter what your routine, following through with it will always leave you feeling and looking magnificent.

Part 5- Discipline Training

You look good, you feel good, you’re healthy and you know who you are, now it’s time to learn some discipline. I can’t physically be with you all the time, but I can give you the tools you need to discipline yourself and follow through with what you need to when I’m not around. Whatever it is you’re responsible for as my Pet, I’ll use a variety of methods to make sure you are ready, willing & able to follow through.

Part 6- Skill Development

No matter your species, you have a unique set of skills and attributes that help you survive in your natural habitat. Some Animals have adapted these skills and evolved due to things like climate change and domestication, but every one of us can still tap into our fundamental instincts and master our natural abilities. Pets, Performers, Service Animals, Prey & Predators all need to develop their unique talents to truly be elite.

Part 7- Re-socialization

We’ve established your health, we’ve ensured your safety, and we’ve nurtured your strengths; at this point you are ready to be introduced to your future possibilities and socialized appropriately. It’s possible you’ll be returning to the wild, or be placed in a home, zoo or sanctuary so we’ll practice exercises to make sure you’re prepared to interact with whatever Animals or People you may encounter.

Part 8- New Home

Perhaps you’ll be returned to your Jungle or Ocean, maybe you’ll start your new life at a sanctuary or zoo, it’s possible you’ll be placed in a forever home or even with me, but no matter what the next chapter in your story may hold, at this point you are ready for it. It’s time to access how far you’ve come and prepare for the next set of possibilities you now have available to you. Your imagination is endless and this is your proof.

So are you ready to Join My Monarchy & Become My Elite Pet?


  • Private One on One Workshops are Always Confidential
  • Add a Partner or Spouse at no additional charge
  • Reputable & Fully equipped play space located in Los Angeles, CA near LAX
  • Flexible & Secure Payment options
  • All guests must be at least 18 years, or older
  • Safe, Sane & Consensual at all times




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