Complete Evaluation & Animal Play Profile

Complete Evaluation & Animal Play Profile

The Petsy-Madaminal Scale is a formula I created to easily & accurately determine which Animal you best identify with. I offer a simple multiple choice questionnaire that anyone can try but with over 8 Million Animal Species to choose from, identifying your own Animal can be overwhelming so that’s what I’m here to help you with.

To make things easier for my Pets, I organized all the Animals I could think of into 16 groups. Each group has a variety of characteristics, some of them are common, while others are unique. Some species may even fall into more than one group. To help narrow it down for you, I put together a series of questions that will not only prompt your imagination, but also reveal a plethora information to me, that I will then use to compile your Custom Profile.

The 16 Petsy-Madaminal Groups you could fall into are:

Sea Creature • Insect • Pre-Historic • Mythical • Bird • Marsupial • Rodent • Reptile & Amphibian • Bovine & Ungulate • Ursidae • Feline • Canine • Suidae • Equidae • Mammalia • Primate

When you complete your purchase you’ll receive a password that grants you access to a Petsy-Madaminal Scale Questionnaire. Like the Free version, this one has a series of questions and a variety of answers to choose from that help me identify your Inner Animal. This questionnaire, however, has very specific questions and a much wider variety of answers to choose from.

With a Complete Evaluation, I’m not only trying to identify which of the 16 Petsy-Madaminal Groups you fall into, I’m identifying specifically which Animal you are most closely related to in terms of intellect and character.

Species isn’t the only thing I develop in your Complete Evaluation, I study your environment, your relationships and even your relationship with your environment, all based on the answers you provide.

Finally, I incorporated a Scale that starts at 5 and goes up or down depending on how you answer 9 questions to determine how Animalistic you are; the number you are left with is your Madaminal Score!

When your Petsy-Madaminal Complete Evaluation is done, you’ll receive a custom Animal Play Profile complete with a Certificate, information about your Species, your Characteristics, your environment and your social life.

So with a Complete Evaluation and Animal Play Profile you’re getting

  • Access to the Petsy-Madaminal Questionnaire
  • Placement in one of the 16 Petsy-Madaminal Groups
  • The Specific Species that you Identify with
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Social Analysis
  • A Complete Animal Play Profile
  • Customized Certificate with your Species and Madaminal Group
  • And a Petsy-Madaminal Score.
  • Counts towards 1 Consultation Fee & is deducted from 1 Service charge!

All for just $100
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