Due to the pathetically high volume of abusive messages that are sent to this account, I no longer open any of my own emails first. It’s unfortunate that people have to take these measures but since we can’t change the behavior of others it’s necessary that we screen our messages. 

My available hours are Sunday- Thursday, 11am-6pm. Messages are not seen Friday or Saturday.

If you are 18 years, or older, sober and wish to book a Session with me please send your inquiry to and my booking assistant will accommodate you.

You will have an opportunity to discuss the details of your Session with me and ask questions. Once your deposit is made and your time slot secured, we will have a brief Consultation, either at the start of your appointment or before via phone. At this time, and only at this time, can we negotiate our scenes. There is no obligation on either side to follow through with Sessions, however if an agreement is made, the remaining balance will be due at the start of the Session following your Consultation.

Rates can range between $200 per hour to $500 per hour depending on the Complexity of a scene and the size of the party.

Please be ready to provide a reference if requested and please remember that a deposit and at least 24 hours notice is required for all appointments.

Most importantly, be decent and respectful. All threatening messages or illegal requests will automatically be forwarded to Law Enforcement and all messages containing harassment or obscene content will be forwarded to attorneys.

Thank you in advance for your inquiry & understanding.

–Madame Margherite