Madame Margherite on Love Her Podcast.

In this special episode on BDSM, professional Dominatrix and "Animal Play Monarch" Madame Margherite shares her experience identifying clients' needs and desires as submissives. She shares what it's like to be a dominatrix both professionally and in her personal life. Hosts Nicole Aimee Schreiber and Zane Helberg discover their inner animals. Nicole thinks she can... Continue Reading →

DomCon LA Presents Animal International…

Join DomCon LA 2020 for the first annual Animal International, a Title for Pet & Animal Players looking to take it up a notch. The competition will take place in the same spacious mirrored room that the Animal Play Awards are held in. Produced by Madame Margherite, this is a Title that focuses on improving... Continue Reading →

Communicating Information Properly…

By Madame Margherite Everybody knows how to speak, but most people find it difficult to communicate sometimes. Miscommunications happen via text messages and emails, misunderstandings happen between people who are arguing or debating. People who care about each other get messages crossed and sometimes never get to the truth. All sorts of things go wrong... Continue Reading →

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