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Workshops & Animal Play Specials

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  • Private One on One WorkshopsReserve-8-Workshops
  • Expert Character Development
  • Safe, Sane & Consensual Play
  • Flexible & Secure Payment OptionsPay-As-You-Go-Workshop
  • Treats, Rewards & Incentives
  • Custom Gear Add ons Available
  • Quality Props & Tools to play with


Chastity Wear

SAFE SHORTS Underpants

SAFE SHORTS Underpants, Comfortable, Modern day, Chastity Wear…


Petsy-Madaminal Scale Complete Examination & Animal & Pet Play Profile


Pay Your Deposit & Consultation Fee

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Did you make a reservation with Madame Margherite? If so, you’ll have to make a deposit to confirm and finalize your appointment. This is for you.

Thank you kindly for your business fine Fur…


031A1670Guess who’s  a PEP Love Guest Mistress November 9th – December 14th

  • New Pets can Call in
  • Personal Consultations
  • Doubles that Triple the Intellect…
  • Liberating Imaginations



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